Welcome to Your Payment Processing Cloud

How We Help

As remittance experts, MEI technology provides safe, secure, processing of your latest account receivables – all accessible 24/7 through our payment cloud. No more sorting through checks, making and reconciling bank deposits, logging payments, and wasting valuable staff time. With Remittance+, you can create new efficiencies that can grow your bottom line.


Over 250,000 EOBs scanned annually and counting.

Millions in client remittances safely deposited over the past 5 years.


Customized Reporting

When MEI processes your mail, and a check is delivered, we capture all payment information and deliver back to you a fully customized remittance report specific to your business or industry.

Secure and Reliable Access

Being able to retrieve information at moment’s notice is critical and a key part of our service.  Payment information is always at your fingertips, indexed, and easily searchable on the MEI payment cloud.

Payment Processing Made Easy

A check is sent to MEI.

Real-time Verification

Payment is digitized and your company’s account receivables are immediately updated

Want to Learn More About Payment Processing?

Take the first step towards a comprehensive remittance system for your business by scheduling a personalized consultation with our team of payment processing and tracking experts.