360˚ Mailroom Support

Pricing Strategies. Inbound/Outbound Execution. Onsite Staffing.

MEI is an Industry Leader
in Mailroom Processing Solutions

MEI’s mailroom outsourcing operation is a proven resource for businesses seeking a convenient and customized mailroom solution. Our mailroom support services create cost efficiencies that can make a sizeable impact on your bottom line, while also providing you with newfound flexibility and expanded bandwidth. Our goal is simple. We remove the stress of running a mailroom off your shoulders and decrease your mailroom overhead costs, so you can focus on your core competencies.


Over 100 million pieces of mail timely delivered to client desks and mail stops to date…and counting.

How We Help


Onsite Management

  • Rely on a team of onsite mail experts to drive mailroom planning and execution

  • Significantly reduce postage expense with bulk strategies and other efficiency planning

Inbound Mail


  • Establish efficient sorting programs to streamline inbound mail processes

  • Promptly distribute inbound mail and decrease turnaround times

Outbound Mail

Collecting, Sorting, Metering and Dispatching

  • Introduce postage reduction measures

  • Efficiently collect mail and related parcels

  • Create enhanced sorting standards

  • Fulfill presorted and bulk mailingsand other efficiency planning

Mail Flow

Distribution & Dispatch

  • Establish multiple US Post Office mail pick-ups and deliveries

  • Provide related services through in-house courier benefits



  • Security Clearance: All MEI personnel have been vetted and passed the high-level background checks.

Why MEI?

  • Enhanced service levels with a customer-first mindset

  • Cost efficiencies and solutions completely customized to your needs

  • Reduction in labor and mail costs

  • Increased cash flow

  • Ability to reassign mailroom employees to other departments

  • Savings from mailroom operations can be diverted to other departments

  • Improved security and quality control

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