MEI Mail Services provides mailroom-outsourcing solutions for clients seeking a consolidated mailroom operation. MEI’s client driven solutions yield superior results in cost containment and processing flexibility. MEI is the ideal choice for an organization desiring to focus on its core competencies.

MEI’s capabilities include all aspects of mailroom operations, data base maintenance of departmental/employee addresses, and the assembly and distribution of intra-company documents and client marketing materials, including the management of a client’s literature program.

MEI offers mailroom solutions that allow companies to utilize their on-site mailroom or MEI’s secure centralized operations facility. MEI is capable of handling an organization’s mailroom operation throughout the mail stream process.


Implement proven streamlining of IB processes

Establish efficient sorting program

Promptly distribute IB mail and decrease turnaround times


Collecting, Sorting, Metering


Introduce postage reduction measures

Efficiently collect mail

Create enhanced sorting standards

Presorted and Bulk Mailings

Distribution and Dispatch

Establish multiple US Post Office mail pick ups and deliverie

Provide services through in-house courier network.

  • Enhanced service levels
  • Cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs
  • Reduction in labor and bulk mailing costs
  • Increased cash flow
  • Ability to re-assign mailroom employees to other departments which are understaffed
  • Divert savings in the mailroom to other departments
  • Improved security and quality control

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