Company Profile

MEI began operations in 1993 as a mailroom outsourcing firm. MEI expanded its business offering into document imaging and content management solutions in early 2008. MEI headquarters are located in Dallas, TX. MEI also has offices in McKinney, TX; Tucson, AZ; El Segundo, Goleta, and Fullerton, CA. MEI Mail Services (“MEI”) is a wholly owned minority firm, certified as such by the Dallas/Ft. Worth Minority Business Development Council. MEI is also a disabled-Vietnam-era-veteran-owned company. MEI provides outsourcing of Mailroom and Document Management services to corporate and non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement

“MEI is a network of highly skilled professionals dedicated to enhancing our clients' success through the application of our industry, operational and technical knowledge. Our mission includes developing and deploying the industry's best intellectual capital, ensuring excellence in Mail Service and Document and Content Management operations, applying technology with innovation and providing the best solutions for our clients' business challenges.”

Our People

At MEI, we know and act forcefully on one undisputed fact; our people are our greatest asset. While many companies make a similar claim, the actions of most contradict any such commitment.

Experience has taught us that when it comes to the accurate sorting and timely delivery of a large organization's mail or providing accurate and efficient document management services, there is no substitute for a diligent, well-trained and motivated employee.

As such, respect for our people and their total involvement in all facets of our mail servicing and document management operations, is the cornerstone of our efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Our Locations

Our Locations


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MEI Mail & Document Management Services
10945 Estate Lane, Ste. E319
Dallas, TX 75238

Phone: 972-664-3190
Fax: 972-671-4612